Old Time Radio for March 2017 - Return of "Information Please"

Mar 1, 2017

Credit Radio Archives

1 – Screen Director’s Playhouse; “Stagecoach”; w/ John Ford, John Wayne, Clair Trevor, and Ward Bond.
2 – Abbott and Costello; w/ Hedda Hopper.
3 – The Shadow; w/ Orson Welles and Agnes Moorehead; “Death House Rescue.”

6 – Honest Harold; w/ Harold Perry; “Harold loses his job.”
7 – Information, Please, moderated by Clifton Fadiman; w/ John Gunther.
8 – Screen Director’s Playhouse; “The Ghost Breakers”; w/ Bob Hope.
9 – Abbott and Costello; “Snow White”; w/ Blondie and Dagwood (Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake.)
10 – The Shadow; “Circle of Death.”

13 – Honest Harold; “Renaming Boomer Park.”
14 – Information, Please; w/ Gracie Allen and John Gunther.
15 – Screen Director’s Playhouse; “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House”; w/ Cary Grant.
16 – Abbott and Costello; “At the circus”; w/ Alan Hale.
17 – The Shadow; “The Death Triangle.”

20 – Honest Harold; “shark repellent.”
21 – Information, Please; w/ Jan Struther and Louis Bromfield.
22 – Screen Director’s Playhouse; The Big Clock”; w/ Ray Milland and Maureen O’Sullivan.
23 – Abbott and Costello; “radio station”; w/ Alan Ladd.
24 – The Shadow; “The League of Terror.”

27 – Honest Harold; "The Chanteuse."
28 - Information, Please; w/ Fred Allen and Oscar Levant.
29 - Screen Director's Playhouse; "Jezebel"; w/ Bette Davis and William Wyler.  
30 – Abbott and Costello; “baseball player”; featuring “Who’s On First?”
31 – The Shadow; “Sabotage.”