Old Time Radio for August presents Words at War

Jul 27, 2017

Credit https://www.otrcat.com/p/words-at-war

This month we present a "new" Old Time Radio show for you; Words At War.  Here's what we can tell you about the show.  

Produced between 1943 and 1945 in cooperation with the Council on Books in Wartime the episodes of Words at War were based on literature created during WWII by a variety of authors.  Though we are told that they are the real accounts of wartime tales the show was often speculative but based on real events from the war or potential events in the future. A wonderful blend of history and literature and sometimes a sprinkle of wartime propaganda, Words at War is a glimpse of the beliefs and fears of American authors during the last great war. We hope you enjoy these shows on Tuesdays this month.

1 – Words At War; “Here Is Your War”; w/ Ernie Pyle.
2 – Jack Benny; “The Road to Bali”; w/ Bob Hope.
3 – Adventures of Philip Marlowe; w/ Gerald Moore; “Friend From Detroit.”
4 – Space Patrol; “The Hole In Empty Space.”

7 – Silver Theater; “Escape From Tomorrow”, Part One; w/ John Garfield and Andrea Leeds.
8 – Words At War; “George Washington Carver.”
9 – Jack Benny; “Jack looks for a replacement singer for Dennis.”
10 – Adventures of Philip Marlowe; “The Unfair Lady.”
11 – Space Patrol; “The Space Shark.”

14 – Silver Theater; “Escape From Tomorrow”, Part Two; w/ John Garfield and Andrea Leeds.
15 – Words At War; “War Below Zero.”
16 – Jack Benny; “Jack offers Dennis’s job to Frank Sinatra.”
17 – Adventures of Philip Marlowe; “Lady In Mink.”
18 – Space Patrol; “The Search For Asteroid X.”

21 – Silver Theater; “Son of the Navy”; w/ Ginger Rogers.
22 – Words At War; “Faith of Our Fathers.”
23 – Jack Benny; “Captain O’Benny.”
24 – Adventures of Philip Marlowe; “The Key Man.”
25 – Space Patrol; “Last Voyage of Lonesome Lena.”

28 – Silver Theater; “The Man From Medicine Bow”; w/ Chester Morris and Glenda Farrell.
29 – Words At War; “Love At First Flight.”
30 - Jack Benny; “From Mitchell Field”; w/ Anne Sheridan.
31 – Adventures of Philip Marlowe; “Night Tide.”