Enabled host Nancy Zimmer on AMI's Studio 5

Nov 2, 2017

Throughout the U.S. there are nearly 100 audio information or radio reading services that provide access to print content, as we do here at WXXI Reachout Radio.  In Canada, there is a national media company that provides similar services on a national level on multiple media platforms.  It is called Accessible Media, Inc. or AMI for short.

Several of WXXI Reachout Radio's programs are broadcast throughout Canada via AMI-audio, including Enabled, which is hosted by volunteer Nancy Zimmer.  Recently AMI contacted Nancy to be a guest on their Studio 5 interview program hosted by Mike Ross and Joeita Gupta. Nancy spoke to them via telephone from her home in Rochester, talking about how she got started reading for Reachout Radio, how her program started, and what's on the horizon for her continued work.  AMI shared this audio with us for you to enjoy.