"The Black Museum" premieres on Old Time Radio in February 2018

Jan 22, 2018

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Mondays this month will feature episodes of The Black Museum with Orson Wells.  The early 1950s saw an unprecedented resurgence of interest in Great Britain's famous New Scotland Yard buoyed by International Radio, Television and Print. A staple of international Crime and Mystery novels from the turn of the century forward, Scotland Yard, or as The Black Museum refers to it, "The Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D.) of The London Police", was showcased in no less than four Radio programs between 1948 and 1952.

1 – Challenge of the Yukon; w/ Paul Hudson; “Samaritan of the Trail.”
2 – You Bet Your Life; w/ Groucho Marx; “secret word: milk.”

5 – Black Museum; w/ Orson Welles; “The Gladstone Bag.”
6 – Bob Hope; w/ William Holden, Jack Kirkwood.
7 – Bright Star; w/ Fred MacMurray, Irene Dunne; “The Oil Swindle.”
8 – Challenge of the Yukon; “Preston Turns the Tables.”
9 – You Bet Your Life; “secret word: sky.”

12 – Black Museum; “The Jack Handle.”
13 – Bob Hope; “from Cleveland”; w/ Frances Langford, Skinny Ennis.
14 – Bright Star; “Susan Runs for Mayor.”
15 – Challenge of the Yukon; “The Phantom Gang.”
16 – You Bet Your Life; “Secret word: spoon.”

19 – Black Museum; “The Post Card.”
20 – Bob Hope; w/ Al Jolson.
21 – Bright Star; “George the Informer.”
22 – Challenge of the Yukon; “The Call of Duty.”
23 – You Bet Your Life; “secret word: sugar.”

26 – Black Museum; “The Raincoat.”
27 – Bob Hope; w/ Jack Benny "Bob & Jack as Radio DJ's"
28 – Bright Star; “The Crooked Carnival.”