Batavia School for the Blind Alumnus Keeps on Playing

Dec 7, 2017


Despite a cancer diagnosis, NYS School for the Blind in Batavia alumnus Sukosh Fearon isn't giving up.  And his friends are going to be there to support him all the way.  The singer-keyboardist will be honored with “A Day of Music With Sukosh Fearon,” which takes place Sunday, Dec. 17, 1 to 5 p.m., at the Rusty Rail Party House, 3231 Seneca Turnpike, Canastota, near his hometown of Oneida.

Born prematurely in a Japanese hospital in 1953, Robert Henry Fearon, III lost his sight to retinopathy of prematurity, something that was all too common in the 1950s.  Since he was so small, the hospital staff nicknamed him “Sukoshi,” meaning “little one” in Japanese.  The name, which he later changed to "Sukosh" stuck, and lifelong friends from the School for the Blind and fellow musicians hardly know him any other way.

“I’m OK as long as I keep going to work, and keep hearing good tunes,” Sukosh said in this 11/25/17 article in the Oneida Daily Dispatch. “The most important thing to do is just to stay positive.”  It is with the attitude that he has brought joy to so many through his playing and singing.  More than 40 musicians  including members of his current band Handpicked, and some of the surviving members of his original band Savannah will be on hand to perform in his honor.

Hear Sukosh sing in this July 2013 video.

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